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Came across Bad Behaviour which is a plugin for WordPress which is a set of PHP scripts which prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots. It goes far beyond User-Agent and Referer, however.

Also found out that Mark Jaquith’s blog showed some kind of stats in the footer.

Having not found any Stats plugin for BB, I wrote to him. He promptly responded with the function he is using to retrieve the number of spams blocked by BB.

And I decided to convert it into a plugin for WordPress.

This is a plugin to display number of blocked access attempts of Bad Behavior Plugin.

Read more and download >>

Note that this IS NOT Bad Behavior plugin. It is a stats plugin for Bad Behavior. This plugin is useless if you do not have Bad Behavior installed

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12 thoughts on “Bad Behavior Stats Plugin”

  1. Thanks! I will have to link to this, but I can’t really do it until you get your permalink fixed. It’s giving me a 404. I had to access the post manually by /index.php?p=302.

    You might also be able to improve the situation somewhat by adding ErrorDocument 404 /index.php?error=404 to .htaccess to force WP to process the request. In some cases this can get your permalinks working again, as well.

  2. I have gotten the site working again.
    For some reason the .htaccess file disappeared.

    It’s fixed now hopefully.

    Thanks for the ErrorDocument code. I have added that to the .htaccess

    Now I guess you can link to the plugin.

    I have also released the plugin via WP-Plugin manager.

    Lastly, who did you find the id of my post?

  3. Nice to see you back up again! And like this look a million times better than the old one!!

    I say, stick to a look that works rather than trying to create new ones that don’t!

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  5. Great plugin addition for BB!

    Just one thing, though . . . I found it odd that you would perform an add_action to wp_footer. That’s certainly not what I wanted to happen. Perhaps it would be a nicer idea to comment the line out in the original code so that those who want it added to wp_footer could do a quick uncomment.

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  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I will put it on a to-do list.
    But, how about having a user setting where a user can set if they want to auto-add it to wp_footer or not?

    I have some more features in mind that I think I can add.

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