Bad Behavior Stats v1.2

Released v1.2 of my Bad Behavior Stats plugin today.

v1.2 has the following updates:
Now, the number of days variable $bb_no_of_days is passed to the function as an argument, which means the plugin file need no longer be modified during install / upgrade.
The function has also been changed to reflect this.

Also added another another argument that is passed viz. $only403. Setting this to false will retreive all the errors that are logged, not just 403 errors.

Lastly, following a suggestion by Novac, I created another variable $add_footer setting which will enable automatic adding of the stats to wp_footer. It is set to false in the plugin file and the file needs to be editted in case it has to be set to true.

Read about the plugin>>

Note that this IS NOT Bad Behavior plugin. It is a stats plugin for Bad Behavior. This plugin is useless if you do not have Bad Behavior installed

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