The Vote is Cast

Just back from casting my vote today.

Took a closer look at my voting card and realized that it has been a direct translation from Marathi which meant Marathi words spelt out in English. Why can’t they get decent translators???

Anyway, the process was quick and easy. This is the first time I went to vote so everything was new. The voting is electronic and you just got to press a button and leave, after ofcourse signing your name.

Hardly took five minutes and there wasn’t much of a crowd.
Btw, the elections were for the Lok Sabha.

The voting dye on my hand

Since, I was in Canossa I decided to pay a visit to Sr. Nellie as well as see the work I did for them.

Am quite pleased to see their wall with the poster I designed for them. The print version could have been better I feel.
Was taken aback when she gave me an envelope for my work. One of my first payments, though this was honorary. Well, Christmas is coming 🙂

Going to finally open my books today after lunch. ( blogging and #wordpress are addictive! )

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  1. jerks never bothered to issue a voters card to me. Still thanks for reminding that there is a ballot today. Took time out n made sure I voted. I think its not just a right but a duty n obligation. Every eligible voter must vote!

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