Municipal Corporator redirects Water Supply to Club

I haven’t been blogging about this, but for a good number of weeks we have been facing a severe water shortage.

This water shortage is strange because only my lane has that problem.

The problem has been getting even worse daily with even lesser water coming every day.

Today, I guess temperatures of all the people in the area had reached a limit and I just got reports of a major rasta-roko early this morning.

The case got out of hand I hear, so the police had to be called in. They were followed by the BMC, which is the most pathetic organization in Mumbai. And I am sure every person in Mumbai will agree with me.

My mother found the story behind the water shortage. The local municipal corporator has been allegedly directing the water supply to their club which is located on the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road.

The people in the rasta roko ensured that the line wasn’t shut of today and so we got water till 3pm.

Manmade and sheer abuse of power. First they beg to be voted and when they are there they abuse the situation.

In this country, if you don’t have money and power you are nobody. And the best way I guess to gain attention is to create a scene.

Politics I tell you!

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