The Weekend Stories

Friday, casual day, but work as usual. Found lots of reading material. Additionally, the comp I was working on for DSP has been moved and I move to a better comp.

Went with Rhea, after work and before choir practice, to Jade’s for soup. She is singing with us for Christmas.

Was supposed to meet Melody on Saturday, but she was at Tabor Ashram and so I got a day to myself. Sat cleaning my comp all morning and then in the afternoon, I spent over 2 hours cleaning my bike. She had a good layer of muck and it was quite a bit of a struggle. But now she is all clean and sparkling. Love my Bike:O:grin:

Went for mass in the evening. Everyone was surprised because I wasn’t supposed to be there. Rushed away after mass with Mom to Sahakari Bhandar for provisions.

Went to sleep rather early and got up rather late this morning. I need to sleep!

Just continued my comp cleaning work all day long until my uncle came over to explain to me a few investment plans. Need to do it for tax purposes.

Met up with Rhea for some time and am back home playing scrabble again.

Monday and work again tomorrow. Let me end as usual. So much to do, so little time…

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