Travel plan for Moon (for Indians only)

India plans to send 100 persons to the moon next year.

They will be as follows:

25 – OBC
25 – SC
20 – ST
5 – Handicapped
5 – Sports Persons
5 – Terrorist Affected
5 – Kashmiri Migrants
9 – Politicians
and if possible
1 ? Astronnaut

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  1. It just shows how frustrated you are. BTW thats the best WP template I have seen till date… I understand you made it yoruself, way to go 😉

  2. Hey boohiss,

    Great to see a new commenter 🙂

    Yes, you will need to be Indian or be familiar with the quota related debates that is currently all over the Indian news.

    This joke is a funny look at this :))

  3. Firstly, thanks about the theme.

    Secondly, you can say I am frustrated about the entire quota deal in our country.

    I don’t have any caste system being a Catholic, but I have struggled in the Open Category, having to excel everywhere to get into good institutes, while many others grabbed “reserved” seats, be it backward classes or sports or management or girls quota and waltzed into the institutes.
    It is irritating.

    We claim equality by reserving seats. Total irony.

  4. No , no Ajay, I dont think you are right at all. Your calculations are completely wrong. How could you even think that such a highly privileged person such as an astronaut could get ONE FULL SEAT?? Look properly, think of the so many deserving castes / creeds/ backward people/ affected people that are still left. Did you not know that belonging to the open category is the worst crime that there is!?

    Please re-edit your post, one full seat simply cannot be given to an astronaut. It is an outrage.

  5. Ok lets chuck the topic. I am fed up… lol. Now I got to find a free domain, where I can load your template and transfer my blog there. Hey, can I transfer my posts from wordpress into other wordpress blog??? There is no import option damn!

  6. ok I see that warning, no support related questions. Well will start using your forum. BTW is free and supports wp. and gives 275 mb of space. Ideal I would say… at least to start with. 😉

  7. @Yash, very true. I’m hoping they have reservations for us open category people and then let the rest of the people fight for the remaining seats.
    I guess India would need to send 1000 people to the moon so that the one astronaut gets his free seat!

    @Ganesh, I guess we have to chuck it, afterall our government took the decision for you and me yesterday.
    You won’t be able to find a free domain, but you can get good ones for less than $10 anywhere. I recommend or
    If you are looking for good hosting, check out
    The full install of WordPress has the import option, but unfortunately not from 🙁
    Why not post in and forums?

  8. 😀 Very funny indeed. Then again, seeing hows it’s true, it’s not funny at all.

    Sigh 🙁

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