Week and Weekend

Have had a rather exhausting week at work. But, it has been fun so I won’t complain too much.

Had choir practice on Monday and A. Anita treated us as it was her birthday last Sunday.

Went out on Thursday evening for soup to Lom Chings. I only like the place because of the soup. Not much for their dinner.

Didn’t go for practice on Friday because I was really very irritated on some situation that had cropped up on Friday. Won’t post about it here because it would be bad publicity for those it concerns.

Saturday was the much awaited weekend as usual. Woke up nice and late.

Had to rush to the bank because of this. Visited my barber for a haircut and shave and after a quick wash rushed off to Bandra.

Since there wasn’t any good movie running we just decided to go for lunch at Lucky’s. After a good lunch (yes, her eyes are still bigger than her stomach) we went to Bandstand.

Placed turned out to be rather hot, being mid-afternoon, so we went to Reclamation which has a kindoff subway. Unfortunately, there happened to be some film shooting running there and we weren’t allowed there. And we were too bored to leave by then, so we just hung out along the wall there until nearly 4.15pm.

Left her home early as she was off to Khandala with her choir pals for a picnic.

Went to Melody‘s house after this for a while before heading back home.

Woke up early this Sunday morning to go for 9.30am mass. Dropped Rhea home after mass and then went home. Had a late breakfast and so skipped lunch.

Spent a good deal of the afternoon working on WebberZone as well as the graphics for Canossa.
Went there in the evening. They like my work. Just few modifications.

Few hours left for today. Plan on going to bed early today. Yet another long tiring work week begins tomorrow.

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