Blog Upgraded

Upgraded to WordPress 1.0.1

After a bit of a struggle, I have successfully upgraded this blog to the latest WordPress version viz. 1.0.1

With many bugfixes and lots of enhancements, this is supposed to be the fastest, most stable, and most secure WordPress ever.

I am looking out for good themes for WP. If I can’t find any good ones, I may have to work on customizing WP as per my requirements.

I also tested an old feature in this post of Trackback and it has worked successfully, so I am very glad about it 🙂

Just need to figure out how to modify the the links list to the right of this page!

Have also been working on a including some hacks to make this blog better.
I have added a css-style-switcher, which enables you to see this blog is various styles. You can choose from the styles from the list just above the Google Ad in the menu (either right or left depending on the style) on this page.

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  1. Fab, hon! Looking sooo much better. Though I wonder if I’m the only one reading it?! Hmm…:?:

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