Why The Digg Mafia Will Cost Kevin Rose Millions!

Digg.com was one of the social networking/blogging successes of 2006, but recently it’s star has started to dim as people have started to question the efficiency of its voting system, that has actually resulted in a small minority, the ‘Digg Mafia’ deciding what makes it onto the homepage or not, rather than the wider userbase.

Read the rest of my article on Techtites and digg it 😉

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  1. I think Digg came to is End and it’s gonna be this year, from some reasons.
    one of them it’s that some people control over there, and deciding what will be first and etc,
    and the second one it’s that you can just send them a mail, asking them to block one address,
    and they will do it without checking.
    we’ve tried it, and ask them to block one address (of course one of us, not anyone stranger we don’t know)
    and they just block that account without checking even how many posts he had, what was the rating and etc.

  2. I think it is great the number of Diggs this article received Ajay. Keep up the good work!

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