Comment spam and trackback spam

Have been getting a lot comment and trackback spam both on this blog as well as the blog of my friend Melody.

My blog is powered by WordPress, but I have b2evolution running for her.

Have added a lot of spam words to her block list of b2evo and it seems to have currently stopped. I guess b2evo has much better spam handling capacities than WP, especially since it has Central Blacklist.

For WP 1.2.2, I have a lot of plugins and hacks enabled.

For one I use the Comment Preview hack for comments which blocked my comment spam.

However, that’s when I started getting hit by Trackback Spam. Even Kitten’s Spaminator wasn’t enough.
Have finally installed the Auto Shutoff Comments plugin to shutoff comments after a 14 day period. This should stop a good amount of Trackback spam usually targets posts which are more than that period.

Another good solution is to disable Trackback only:
Do this in the SQL field of phpMyadmin

Update wp_posts
set ping_status = "closed"


Update wp_posts
set ping_status = "closed"
where post_date < "2005-01-05"

if you want to disable trackbacks before a certain date.
Ofcourse, edit the date and run this regularly.

Seems to have stopped the spam as of now. I’m sure they will find a way around it. I’ll be waiting…

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