Exhausting day

Today was a very exhausting day (:|

Spent almost whole of today down in the shop floor getting my setup ready for firing. Though it is ready, the demo had to be postponed until Monday.

My legs were breaking by the end of the day.

Though I was exhausted, met up with Rhea after a long time. Went off for soup at Lom Chings (originally Jade) and then off to choir practice.

Feeling guilty that I haven’t been very regular for the practice. Must make an effort to ensure I give it my 100%.
Anyway, we are singing for the 9.30am mass tomorrow. Should be good 🙂

Also have practice on Monday to Wednesday in preparation for Easter, so I won’t be able to make it for Prayer Meeting on Tuesday.

Too a long walk with Rhea after practice. We also had a long chat with Marilyn who was telling us how she interviewed (read harrassed) a lot of couples for her Psycho project.

Feet are really aching now. My bro is watching some Hindi movie viz. Lakeer on TV so I can’t even sleep. But, it seems to be rather good so I forgive him 😉

Gonna try to catch some sleep now. Goodnight!

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