Goa Travels: Day 6 – Church

We slept quite late (infact early in the morning) after the barbecue on Saturday and it was quite a bit of a problem awaking by 7am to make it for the 8am mass.

However, we did struggle out of our beds and get ready.

Thivim Chapel

Now Thivim Chapel is right on top of the hill, which means a great deal of walking indeed! Walking is bad enough, walking up a hill is worse, walking up a hill in the heat can be a real pain, but walking up a hill in the heat in formals is a real killer!

By the time we were at the top we were totally drenched in perspiration. And the chapel was also overfull and we didn’t have any sitting place.

We ended up sitting in the corridor which had one lonely fan that did throw some breeze. Crispin and Valley arranged for some chairs, so, thankfully, we didn’t stand the full hour.

We headed back home after mass, glad to have a good fan over our heads. Before our visit to St. Christopher’s Church, which is the main church in Thivim, I was treated by the friendly neighbourhood witch doctor for a major catch in my neck, the result of me sleeping on a soft pillow on hard ground! (for some strange reason sleeping in Goa was a problem)

I am cured! St. Christopher?s Church

Got some pictures of the church, which was all locked up before we headed back. Had to pickup some provisions and we treated ourself to fake orange fizz.

We also stumbled upon Valley who was drawing water from the well and so I decided to give it a shot (for the photo ofcourse).

Drawing Water from the Well Touch-Me-Not!

Also found some touch-me-not plants out there so indulged in shutting their leaves… hey it’s been a while!

It’s late now, so I’ll keep the beach stories and pictures for another post. Until then…

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  1. Ya..walking/running to church in Formals is a killer esp. if u dont get a seat under the fan at church!!!
    reminds me of last maundy thursday when that happened to me!!!

  2. @Kenneth, our Maundy Thursday masses are open air, but its as bad

    @Linda, welcome and when your in Goa, that’s where you find that church.

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