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Honestly, I am a little disappointed. I’ve been running the poll for five days now, and I’ve received only 25 votes.

I thought polls were something that people loved and I did ask a relevant question. Anyway, I’m going to try my luck again and implore my 250+ readers plus the thousand or so who wander along here to take the poll below.

It asks a simple question, which is your reason for having visited the blog.

The idea behind this poll is to help generate content that you would like to read. I want you to read and join the participation and what better way than to get you to tell me what you want to see.

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  1. You have 324 RSS readers as I see it in the upper right corner of the page and you only got 25 votes.

    That is really scary, as I haven’t got any subscribers at the moment and the future looks pretty ruff 🙂

    Good luck though!

  2. hey, dont b upset. we are rite here, ur friends though a lil bit late but..!!sorry for the delay in polling. 🙂 keep smiling

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