Holy Golf

Moses, Jesus and an old man were out golfing one day.

Moses drives his ball and it bounced off a tree into a water hazard. So he parted the water and knocked the ball onto the green.

Jesus drives his ball and it bounced off two trees into the water. So he walked on the water and scooped his ball onto the green.

The old man drives his ball, it bounced off a tree into the water, the ball was eaten by a fish, the fish swam to the surface and was picked up by a bird, the bird flew upward and was struck by lightning, it crashed onto the green, the fish flopped out of its mouth, and the ball rolled out of the fish and into the hole.

Moses turned to Jesus and said, “I hate playing with your dad.”

Courtesy AskMen.com

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  1. Jokes man, really funny. I’m gonna have to nick this. Oh! and thanks for the comment, when is your Birthday m8? Do me an email so I don’t miss it eh!!

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