If Sachin had his appraisal…

Kudos to Sachin Tendulkar on scoring the first 200 in International cricket. We watched his performance and it was one well deserved 200. Unfortunately for hi, when he had his appraisal, here’s what happened!

200 Runs/ 147Balls / 25×4 / 3×6

Agree you have done GREAT BUT BUT BUT BUT

25 x 4s = 100

3 x 6s = 18

It implies that you scored 118 Runs in 28 Balls.

And 12 x 2s = 24

58 x 1s = 58

IT means you scored all 200 Runs in only 98 balls

So you have wasted 147-98 = 49 balls

Considering only 1 run scored on each of these balls you could have earned 49 valuable additional contribution FOR OUR TEAM


So you only met the expectations and NOT EXCEEDING (so what if no one else in our team did it) and your Grade is C

Areas for Improvement for Sachin : Learn from how to STEAL singles. ( you better know what I mean stealing single )

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