Just sit in his presence

Post detailing todays talk by Nadia at the Prayer Meeting

I don’t usually blog immediately after the prayer meeting. But, today the talk was very personal and so I just felt the need for it.

Today’s praise and worship was lead by Russel and teaching was by Nadia.

She gave a very personal teaching which was very touching. She continued on the series of God’s love but with a difference.

She talked about how we so need to just sit in His presence and talk to him and absorb his love. Three simple examples of a sponge, a tree on the river bank and a baby placed in the early morning sun so as to absorb some Vitamin D conveyed the message completely.

She also spoke about how everyone has expectations from us and how we may not live upto them. As a consequence we feel dejected, sad and just want to cry our heart out. But, unfortunately we sometimes can’t even go talk to our loved ones for it. So why not just turn to our Lord and cry our heart out to him. Anyway, isn’t He always there for us?

Another important point she touched upon was how we complain that He never speaks to us but talks to others. Well, I know I have done that. But, I forget that what is important is that I am just there in His presence talking to Him. Well, I believe I shall hear him when the time is right.

Mingled around a bit and got back home after the prayer meeting. And now I am off to bed. I-)

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