When Elvis called me up last week telling me he wanted to throw a surprise party for his fiance Delilah I agreed to play along 🙂

Delilah celebrated her birtyday on 16th April, Easter Sunday. The party was planned at Out of the Blues in Bandra. I haven’t been there before, so picked up Melody (who was chief coordinator) and headed off to the place.

Elvis brought Delilah out there a little while later. But before that she had spent a rather fuming day because Melody told her that the birthday wasn’t important and another pal didn’t bother to call up!
I will not try to imagine how angry Delilah would have been if that were true!

When she walked into Out of the Blues, she thought it to be a private romantic date with Elvis. I’m am sure she had a lot of mixed feelings when she found out it was far from private!!

Melody ensured that the cake had a lot of candles, a photograph I should have taken, but missed.

The dinner was fabulous and I had a really great time out there 🙂

Which ofcourse resulted in yet another late night!

With this post, I am sure that Melody will be happy now that I haven’t described this party in two words!

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