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    And it’s a decade of blogging!

    Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of this blog. What started as an experiment to check out a new blogging tool called WordPress back in 2003 has become an integral part of my life. I completed my engineering and worked as an engineer in one of the leading engineering companies from India. I then went out to do my MBA, became an investment Banker and relocated to London. And, I married the most beautiful woman in the world. And even went on quite a few holidays! WordPress became an integral part of my life as well. My theme became famous and my plugins have a fantastic user base. And, I have…

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    A year older… and a lot wiser…

    It’s my birthday today! With that, I edge just one year away from three-tenths of a century. And, as a gift to met, I’ve spent a good portion of the night working on a new theme for this blog, one which was long pending. After a lot of searching I came across Paperpunch Theme by The Theme Foundry which I fell in love with almost instantly. Paperpunch is a clean and easy to use theme, yet comes packed with some decent free features. You can upgrade to the Pro version which makes life a lot easier! My plugin Add to Footer definitely made life a bit easier, since I didn’t…

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    I’m alive!

    When someone decides to message you all of a sudden and grumble that you are not blogging, then it is an indication that it has been a while. Well, I know it has, considering the last post was a month back. However, my life is so full of work, that I honestly, don’t have much to blog about. Anyway, as an update, I have been working long hours all through the week and the concept of weekend is a blur. e.g. I worked till 1.30am on both Thursday and Friday! Weekends that do come along are spent with me resting all day long. Well, that’s life of an investment banker.…

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    13 days later

    No, I am not talking about the movie, but just the last 20 days of my life; life that has kept me so busy that you haven’t read about any personal updates. So, here’s a quick round up of the last two weeks of my life. The week from 19th to 24th of Jan was like any other week of my life. Spent all of it blogging, reading, eating, talking and sleeping. 23rd was the first and last test of this semester. The test was on Strategic Marketing. We were given a choice between a two simple questions and a case on TESCO. IMO, education should be practical and case…

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    New Year, New Look

    Had been meaning to change the entire look for this blog on the January 1st, but well, better late than never! I’ve changed the template of this blog with a new look from scratch. The old template has been there for well over a year (with modifications), and a change was needed. I have still retained some portion of the sidebar look as it goes well even with the new theme. I have disabled a good number of plugins, going with my idea of keeping plugins to the minimum. All posts now include Tabber which was pointed out to me by Everton. You can now view the related posts, search…

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    2006 – I think it was Good

    Looking back at 2006, I think the year went well. It has been a very healthy year for my blog for sure. I hit into the top 100,000 websites on Alexa and today stand in the top 50,000. Good achievement for a small blog of a small person on the WWW 🙂 But, I do have a very very fluctuating rank as you can see in the graph above. I know a lot of users believe that Alexa is flawed, and i think so too, but at the end of the day, its the rank that gets the advertisers!

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    How to find your SPA Key

    Once you register for Snap Preview AnywhereTM you receive a code which you need to add to your template. Within this code is a key= followed by a 32-character key. e.g. on this blog, the 32-character key is 31f0e1b8935c4f07cb6f1cf99bfb1521. This key is unique to your site and hence you need to register separately for each of your sites. Once you get the 32-bit key you will need to enter this into the Options page in WP-Admin.

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    Techtites – The Brand New Technology Blog

    Being a thorough techie I’m always on the lookout for technology news and updates. Am constantly searching for some good freeware to try out. But to keep myself up-to-date required me to daily go through almost a hundred websites (and steadily increasing). This inspired me to start a blog that will get the choicest of technology news all in one central location. Hence, 30th October 2006 saw the launch of my technology blog titled Techtites. Why Techtites? Since the central theme of the blog is technology, for the purpose of SEO I wanted the domain to contain the word “tech”. Unfortunately, almost every technology name I could think of was…

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