2006 – I think it was Good

Looking back at 2006, I think the year went well.

It has been a very healthy year for my blog for sure. I hit into the top 100,000 websites on Alexa and today stand in the top 50,000. Good achievement for a small blog of a small person on the WWW 🙂

Graph of my Alexa Rank in 2006

But, I do have a very very fluctuating rank as you can see in the graph above. I know a lot of users believe that Alexa is flawed, and i think so too, but at the end of the day, its the rank that gets the advertisers!

Site visits have increased as well. I have had 143,143 uniques with 214,533 page-views in 2006 according to Statcounter, currently averaging 440 uniques and 675 pageviews. Nowhere where I would like to be, but definitely better than a year back!

Visitors Graph in 2006

The graph above is my visitors in 2006. The spike you see was because of this post, which hit the front pages of reddit and Digg.

My feed subscriptions have increased as well with an average of a little above 100. Sucks when I compare it to most of the other blogs I read!

Feedburner Stats in 2006

Now for the personal front I have nothing much to complain about. After I quit my job I have dedicated a good amount of my time to my studies, websites and personal life (in no particular order).
Unfortunately, the academic portion of my life hasn’t been too good. My future wrt MBA is still insecure and that is the only thing I am worried about right now.

I got a few exams lined up so I hope they work out well.

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  1. Hurray! Indeed what a great way to end the year. As for me, I’ll be spending my first few months trying to get my own site to rank as good as yours.

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