Work Timings Increased!

Guess it was bound to happen!

Work timings have increased by 15 minutes. I don’t really see how much it will benefit us, but I do know that now I won’t be able to reach home before 8.30pm, simply because the traffic situation in Mumbai is horrible.

How does this translate?
Well, I’m going to be late for all my choir practices and the prayer meetings X(

Am irritated, and I really can’t see a bright side to these increased timings, as I could with six-day weeks.

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  1. hmm, well no bright sides 4 sure. but i dnt understand the 15 minute funda. i doubt u ever left work according to the clock. did they mention that this was a temporary thing to tide over increased work or is it going to be permanent?

  2. Nopes Yash, it wasn’t mentioned as temporary, so I am taking it as permanent.

    Neither do I understand the sense in adding 15 minutes, because either ways people used to work late if they wanted to.

    Guess there are other reasons which we have no right to question!

  3. well then there u have it, the brighter side. u have to commute 1 less day. think what would have happened if it were a 6 day work week now!

  4. Found out that there was a choice between six-days or 15min late and so the second.
    It is some statutory requirement, so I am assuming it to be permanent.

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