A Tale too many – Part III

Returned back to work with a fresh and relaxed mind on Thursday morning. Was in much better health.

Immediately got down to catching up with a lot of work that was pending in the last three days.

The next two days were rather ordinary.

Had choir practice in the evening and since I was early decided to give them the treat as well. So called up James and asked him to meet me at Monginis. Picked up Butterscotch pastries, wafers and cold drink and went for practice.

The practice was long as we had to practise for a wedding mass on Saturday at Sacred Heart, Santacruz (yet another) as well as for our regular Saturday mass.

But the practice was good. Took a walk with Rhea after practice as usual.

As I started my bike I found it to be “auto accelerating”. I’m still very new with bikes and just couldn’t lay my finger on the reason for it to do so.
After I got back home I called up Mark and through his guidance and much trial and error we figured out that the choke was set on full. (This part has been censored due to excessive abusive language against the person who fiddled with the bike) X(

On the bright side, I learnt a lot today 🙂

Hung out at my place, ordered lunch and finally left only past 3pm for Bandra. Dropped her home.

Then picked up Marilyn from Bandra station as we both needed to kill sometime before the wedding mass.

We found a unique way to kill time viz. searching for a working ICICI ATM for me to withdraw money. We finally found one at a petrol pump and then decided the best thing was to head to the church.

After mass, we headed back to our church (also Sacred Heart, but in Andheri) for the evening mass.
That mass was good and then we all went to Garnish for our regular snacks 😉
Don’t tell anyone that I ate and drank a good deal 😀

Went out with Rhea for soup to Lom Chings and then dropped her home. Went home immediately and dropped off to sleep.

Began Sunday as a very lazy day (aren’t all Sundays supposed to be so?)

The day began to brighten up when my neighbour called me over to check out their PC. Found out that the new engineer had done a basic install of only WinXP (and old version of it) and conveniently told them to let him know if something is missing :O
Went over to find a badly infected PC with no Office, Acrobat, firewall and antivirus and told my neighbour so.

He called and yelled at the engineer who decided to come over and accuse me of saying he fooled them. I didn’t say it and before I could defend myself my neighbour and his wife pounced on him telling him that what I say has to be done and that I am treated like their son. I also informed him that I have nothing to gain from whom my neighbour gives the contract to.
Anyway, he tinkered with the PC for a while before he declared he would come in the evening and install whatever I had suggested.

Was just in time for lunch. Had a quick lunch and headed of to Bandra for a formation course I am attending.

After this, I went over to Melody‘s place as her computer wasn’t booting up. She solved the problem when she realized that the problem was a forgetten floppy in the drive.

Walked her home and then headed back home myself. Went off to bed early. Guess, I am missing out on a lot of sleep.

Back to work on Monday.

Read Part IV of a Tale Too Many about the return of my Dad 🙂

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