Bikes, Classes and Tests

Had my classes on Saturday evening. After the minor bike accident, I wasn’t really in the mood to go for class.

However, determination soon got the upper hand and I trudged off for the class. I am glad I did, because I had Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension classes, both of which I need to work on to a great extent!

Woke up early Sunday morning for the morning lecture. We had Percentage, Profit and Loss and I must say that at 8.30am, my mind just doesn’t work!

After the lecture, was yet another MOCK CAT. It mocked me completely!

The 2pm lecture was cancelled because the prof wasn’t too well and also because of the chaos the Shiv Sena created in the afternoon. While I agree on the reason, I totally disagree on their action. Sadly, their action seems more political than emotional.

Spent the rest of the day at home as a result, except for mass in the evening and some grocery shopping with Mom.

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