First Rains, Then Riots and now Bombs

Within just two weeks another tragedy has hit Mumbai.

After heavy rains last week that brought Mumbai to a standstill and we were just resuming life as normal we faced riots yesterday when the Shiv Sena went out on a rampage shutting shops and pelting stones and burning buses all over Mumbai and Maharashtra.

And this evening the Mumbai was rocked by eight serial blasts at Borivili (two), Khar, Meera Road, Matunga, Jogeshwari, Bhayander railway stations and on the Khar-Santacruz subway.

A picture of one the trains in the blast. Photo courtesy IBN-Live

Read more about the situation from IBNLive.

This isn’t the first time Mumbai has been rocked by blasts. Everyone remembers the 1993 bomb blasts as well as many others that have occured since then.

Folks at my place are safe. Mom reached home an hour before the blasts and I don’t take the trains.
Couldn’t get through to home or vice versa because all the cellphone and landline networks were all jammed. And the horrible traffic (made worse by the sorry state of the roads) resulted in me having a very worried journey home. Reached here by 8.30pm only.

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  1. Ajay, very glad to hear that you are safe. I turned on CNN this morning, and saw what had happened. You were the first person I that came to my mind, and I am very relieved to hear that your family and you are safe. God Bless…

  2. @Sunny, did have a horribly worried time and I will once again say that prayers really really help.
    Thanks for thinking about me and my family 🙂

  3. i dont understand if shivsena is just there to make things worse? whats wrong with these guys? they are always there to make non-sense all over mumbai. I dont really understand what kind of purpose they serve. Though i’m a serious Hindu, I dont encourage caste, race or and religious feelings and the Shivsena who encourages all good-for-nothing things.

    Now some asshole bombs and the clashes start. Doesnt matter how many Bombay’s(the movie) are made. Idiots remain Idiots killing innocent people for no reason.

  4. ya ajay. they are the real m.. f….rs
    wht kind of life do they live? one fine morning one idiot will be shot by the other party idiot. survival of the fittest i guess.

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