Exatt Sucks! Big Time!

If you want a crappy internet connection, which is always down. If you want to get fleeced of your money time and again for a “broadband” connection then go for Exatt.

If you think Sify is bad, then you need to shift to Exatt to find the pathetic.

Sify atleast at customer service. Exatt doesn’t care two hoots about their customer. It’s all about making money. They lack professionality and respect.

You can never get through to their support and the only way you can ensure that your work gets done is by actually visiting their office and shouting at them. And then again, they are so used to customers abusing them, that it doesn’t make a difference.

But, they will without fail land up the very next day that your connection expires to collect the money. And even then they will not renew your connection. Which means yet another visit to their office while you ensure that they renew the connection in front of you.

What can a working person like me do? I have zero connectivity during the week, until I visit and get them to fix it. It lasts for the weekend and then its off again.
And why am I on this crappy connection? Because they have the monopoly in my area!

Still looking for alternatives. I may just go in for MTNL’s Triband, inspite of the usage limits. Atleast then I will be able to check email and blog!

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13 thoughts on “Exatt Sucks! Big Time!”

  1. I use to have Hathway untill last month for which I can rate 8/10 overall. and 10/10 for the speed.

    Now i have Iqara. I think it really sucks.
    When an 128Kbps hathway line can give a download speep of 22kb/sec, the Iqara net at 192Kbps gives 12kb/sec. What kind of stat is that? Next month i will probably move to Airtel or any local provider.

    Did you findout what airtel is upto?

  2. The Hathway connection that i had earlier use to give solid 22k/sec. may be its giving me extra but i love its speed comparing to the connections that my friends use to have.

  3. exatt not only sucks the time but also money frm u.
    I took 64kBps connection and all get is
    200 or 900 bytes per sec.
    it beats the slowest record of the dialup connection.

  4. true … exatt sucks .. im going through the exact same ordeal that you are going through .. and i made the mistake of getting a 3 months prepaid connection. do you know of any other isps in andheri E … I had given airtel a call but … they were not very enthusiastic. What about reliance how is their service …

  5. Well, there is VSNL and Sify in the area but I hated sify and vsnl doesn’t come near my place.

    The problem is the lack of competition.

  6. Ajay, is rite in saying that 128kbps shud give true download of 16 KBps, I use Iqara unlimited 192 kbps which give me 15 KBPS dload, while it shud actually give me 24 KBPS. (remember 1 byte=8 bits).

  7. Exatt used to be pretty OK earlier but seems to have gone to the dogs of late.
    Steven, you may want to try Spectranet, if they are available in your area. They have limited reach but offer great services

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  9. well i agree
    exatt suxx big time
    it was better off before
    after renewal i come to kno my plan is no more unlimited after paying 4 an unltd. connection
    well cant do anything as i have tried all other connections offerd in muh area
    and trust me they suck more than exatt

    and yes we have to drop in to the office and screw their case to get the thing started off


  10. I found exatt very cool, paying 1000pm for 256kbps I normally gets 25-28KB/s speed. thought their offer of double speed @night didnt work for me even though I am happy with exatt. sify it really sucks :(, Hathway is good but no use for me as they block ports(they says its for ur sefty, who the hell r safe and secure here neither they nor microsoft )

  11. Satyan is right. I personally have worked with that fellow Mohan when he used to be at Wincable. I can vouch for the fact that he is a saboteur. Wincable used to lease bandwidth from my company. Everytime I used to visit them, the link used to be down. I used to bring it back up, and then again, the next day, it was down again. Deal with him at your own risk!

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