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Exatt Sucks! Big Time!

If you want a crappy internet connection, which is always down. If you want to get fleeced of your money time and again for a “broadband” connection then go for Exatt.

If you think Sify is bad, then you need to shift to Exatt to find the pathetic.

Sify atleast at customer service. Exatt doesn’t care two hoots about their customer. It’s all about making money. They lack professionality and respect.

You can never get through to their support and the only way you can ensure that your work gets done is by actually visiting their office and shouting at them. And then again, they are so used to customers abusing them, that it doesn’t make a difference.

But, they will without fail land up the very next day that your connection expires to collect the money. And even then they will not renew your connection. Which means yet another visit to their office while you ensure that they renew the connection in front of you.

What can a working person like me do? I have zero connectivity during the week, until I visit and get them to fix it. It lasts for the weekend and then its off again.
And why am I on this crappy connection? Because they have the monopoly in my area!

Still looking for alternatives. I may just go in for MTNL’s Triband, inspite of the usage limits. Atleast then I will be able to check email and blog!

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