Birthday Celebrations

It's My Birthday!


Today is my birthday! I am now 24 years “old” 😀

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. Thanks to Orkut, I received so many birthday wishes that I almost lost track of them.

Big thanks to everyone who remembered 🙂

Had some people stopping by, but I am going to end the day with a quiet dinner at home.

And tomorrow, it’s back to the books!

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  1. Ok, so I’m a day late, but that’s all your fault. You never sent me that email.

    Anyways, Happy Birthday mate, I wish you all of God’s blessings and I pray that he will continually light up your life.

    I trust you had a swell time.

  2. @Sunny and @Gaurav, Thank you for your wishes

    @Luminus, Thank you and you are supposed to be on my blog everyday 😉

  3. Mr. D’Souza, is that an order?

    Naughty little boy you, that’s no way to talk to your elders. lol 😉

    Hope you’re having fun mate. How’s it hanging.

  4. Working on a site? Ooh! I hope that has commercial value. We need to make sure you have cash now don’t we.

    How was your weekend.

  5. Well, not much commercial value on that one. I put it online. Will blog about it when it is complete.

    The weekend was good. 🙂

    How about you?

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