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Some Updates

Had choir practice yesterday. Was the lone bass there and the sopranos could be a little better 😉

Had lots of really amazing chocolate cake courtesy Amrita for her birthday.

Watched Main Hoon Naa as it was on Doordarshan and my brother wanted to watch it. Must say I liked it. Stars Shahrukh Khan who is a really amazing actor.

Went with Dad to banks for some work. Was stunned to see the rework of the Bank of India Chakala branch. Actually stopped in my tracks and wondered if I walked into the right place! :O

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This was one weekend alright!

After one rather tiring week at work, I was really looking forward to this weekend.

But, before that on Thursday, I had plans to leave by two but so tied up with work that I actually left at five. Anyway, got back home and did a lot of housework. By a lot, I mean sweeping and swobbing the entire house, cleaning the bathroom and toilet, washing, hanging and folding a good amount of clothes and last but not the least, washing the kitchen platform! :O (aspiring brides please disregard the entire paragraph)

And on Friday, my parents and bro were back from Kerala. Finally, because I was getting really fed up of the housework (aspiring brides disregard this paragraph as well). Need I say why I wanted the half-day on Thursday?

Also brought back some work to do at home over the weekend. Didn’t manage to do it mainly because my weekends are way too packed.

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A Tale too many – Part III

Returned back to work with a fresh and relaxed mind on Thursday morning. Was in much better health.

Immediately got down to catching up with a lot of work that was pending in the last three days.

The next two days were rather ordinary.

Had choir practice in the evening and since I was early decided to give them the treat as well. So called up James and asked him to meet me at Monginis. Picked up Butterscotch pastries, wafers and cold drink and went for practice.

The practice was long as we had to practise for a wedding mass on Saturday at Sacred Heart, Santacruz (yet another) as well as for our regular Saturday mass.

But the practice was good. Took a walk with Rhea after practice as usual.

As I started my bike I found it to be “auto accelerating”. I’m still very new with bikes and just couldn’t lay my finger on the reason for it to do so.
After I got back home I called up Mark and through his guidance and much trial and error we figured out that the choke was set on full. (This part has been censored due to excessive abusive language against the person who fiddled with the bike) X(

On the bright side, I learnt a lot today 🙂

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A Tale too many – Part I

Have had rather intense last two weeks.

Had a rather normal work week.

Treated Melody at Golden Orchid in Bandra for my MT results on Friday night.

I woke up early on Saturday morning (30th April) and switched on my PC as usual only to find that it gives a Disk Read Error.
No floppies in the drive nor any CDs in my writer or DVD-ROM drive.

Thought it to be a problem with my HDD, probably a bad MBR.
So I tried to boot up from my WinXP cd only to find that my writer refuses to read the CD 🙁

Disconnected it and connected the ROM only and finally was able to boot up and run FIXMBR
Still no change 🙁
I must also say that in the midst of this I found out that 5Star no longer provides Sify services and so I needed to get my Internet connection changed X( :O

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