Category Computers & Technology

Faster Internet atlast

Finally! 😀 Took a 128kbps plan today. And have tested and am getting good speeds and it also worked out to less than Rs. 500/- a month :O I have an unlimited download connection now. Unfortunately, any ISP that came…

Cleanup Sunday

Spent the whole of Sunday at home, except for mass in the morning. Woke up and went for 9.30am mass. We had a good amount of goof-ups with our singing etc. Dropped Rhea home after mass and spent some time…

Major site problems

My personal computer problems may have been temporarily solved, but now comes another problem viz. my blog. It’s been eating too much bandwidth and also badly slowing down the server. As a result my site had to be suspended, which…

My Computer hates me

Considering my HDD crashed about two weeks back and yesterday my PC shut off and now refuses to startup beyond poweron state, that is exactly what I am beginning to think. Hopefully, the problem is not major. And I don’t…

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