Looking back on 2005

With 2005 just completed, as usual I sit down and evaluate how the past year was for me.

Began 2005 on a rather bad note with the sad demise of U. Colin.

2nd of Jan marked a really important day of my life when I met up with Madam C and on 4th of Jan I attended my first prayer meeting at Mt. Carmel’s.

The rest of Jan was rather uneventful. So was Feb except for me being appointed as Admin @ CFH and the Prayer Group Picnic.

Early April I hit the WordPress scene with my first WordPress Hack.

On the religious front, April saw a new Pope and my first retreat.
Additionally had begun April on a good note by being appointed as Management Trainee.

May saw me visiting Lonavala once again for a training session. Ended up falling ill over there!
Ended May by having a great time at our choir picnic.
It also saw me releasing my first plugin for WordPress.

And I followed this up with my second plugin in mid-June.

June also saw the release of the now highly popular Connections Reloaded theme. As of today the theme has been downloaded over 1800 times!

Ended June by being the runner-up at Mesopia (now Netbunch) which ensured that my two years of hosting has been taken care off 🙂

Began July on a happy note with my confirmation.
End July also saw the first ever massive floods in Mumbai. Fortunately, I wasn’t very much affected by them.

Celebrated my birthday in August and got a lovely present from Melody.

Gifted myself yet another fabulous birthday present in the form of the sexy Nokia 6681.

September was yet another picnic when I went with Melody, Elvis and Delilah to Khandala.

Began October with a visit to Pune on official work. Well it was one hell of an experience!

And I also officially launched my all computer blog on WordPress.com

November was rather uneventful except for small celebrations of my Mother’s and brother’s birthdays. On the work front both October and November were highly hectic.

December was more laidback and I also spent a good deal of it partying with the Goan Association gettogether, the Christmas dance and the New year celebrations, besides a lot of outings, dinners and movies!

Overall I think this year was pretty good. Except for a few frustrating moments and times when things didn’t work out, I have done a lot.

Work has been tiring but I have learnt and established a good deal. On the personal front I know I have grown in many ways. I have made many more friends but lost a few :(.

On the social front I have been overactive! Have definitely improved my dancing skills as well.

W.r.t. my site work, I have really progressed a lot. Have gotten very famous, though unfortunately I end the year with a second rank on Google. However, the visitors of my site have increased and so has my traffic rankings (broken into the top 700000 websites).

Ok, and this post has gotten long enough. I’ve just tried to list down the main events, but then minutely going through my blog definitely tells a lot of stories 😀

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t noticed it, because I did mention it!

    September was yet another picnic when I went with Melody, Elvis and Delilah to Khandala.

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