MT Second Round

Just got the news that I have gotten through to the 2nd round of Management Trainee Interviews. This is the final round and the most important.

Praise the LORD!!!

Got the interview on 2nd March at 10.45pm. Lots of reading to do before that I am sure 🙂

Unfortunately, it clashes with another meeting which was scheduled at the same time. Let’s see if I can manage to make that as well.

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  1. Lots of comments for you:

    (01) Congrats on making the 2nd round – always believed you could do this … and more! Praying for you!

    (02) Your blog’s looking great. THANKS a ton for not upgrading nor working on my template yet despite many & varied pleas…

    (03) Also THANKS for already seeing \”Shall we Dance\” – I really wanted to see it – but guess I won’t now (no one to take me…. BOOOOO HOOOOO)

    Sadly yours,

    etc etc

  2. (01) Thanks. I need the prayers

    (02) My blog looks great? I still have to change the look. Your blog I will do tomorrow. Just the pic to add na? And I have updated Mediacenter

    (03) Watched dirty copy of “Shall we dance” in sleepy mood long back. Me can still go if you wanna 🙂

  3. hey ajay,
    just stumbled across your blog last week,have been reading it since then .. it’s quite interesting to be able to look at someone’s life close closely day by day.

    may be someday even i’lll try to blog. but not sure how to.. anyways all the best for interviews .

    take care .


  4. Hello Rony,

    It’s great to know that you have been reading my blog. It’s just my life as you must have found out.

    Blogging isn’t really hard. You may consider trying for the same. Or if you have an MSN Id, then you can use MSN Spaces for blogging.

    Take care,

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