Three days down…

Three days of this week draw to a close in a few hours and it has been one tiring week.

Have started working on our I/O modules, including a new design and as a result, a good amount of my work time is spent in researching for it.

Had a severe headache as well as cold and cough on Monday. Visited the doctor after work and since I have missed quite a few practices and with Easter around the corner, I made it a point to go for practice yesterday despite the headache.
Learnt a few more hymns and practiced a few old, but was really zonked and made it home quickly after practice.

Tuesday was a very very sleepy day and for some reason my eyes just couldn’t remain open. So had a good amount of coffee and joined my colleagues to the usual afternoon snacks. Left work as usual at 6pm and rushed off to Bandra for the practice. As I have noticed for the past few Tuesdays, there was very little traffic and I was able to get there well in time.

The talk was by Trevor and he spoke on God’s love. Simple, easy to understand and enlightening. I think he continues the talk next week as well.

Made a quick stopover at Melody‘s place after the meeting for some work and then left for home.

Wednesday was a good day at work. Continued work on the modules and had a good nap in the bus on my way home.

Went with James to Madam A‘s place to burn some cds. Never seen just a slow P4 X( and lost two cds and got no work done. Better luck next time?

Off to bed now…. two days more to go!

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