Pain in the SAS

Have spent the last two days working on a SAS presentation that is scheduled for this evening.

Our topic is Business Decision Making in FMCG industry using SAS Enterprise Miner.

Everything would have been fine and hunky dory, except that we do not know anything in SAS! So, the last two days has been a desperate attempt of learning Enterprise Miner. SAS and Enterprise Miner are both extremely complicated softwares to work with without formal training.

In addition to this, we had to find our own data. Are we in MBA-II or is this self-paced learning?

The funniest part of the whole exercise is that his part is supposed to be a portion of the syllabus of SAP-BIW!

Off to the lab now to finalize whatever we plan on presenting. The future is bleak…

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2 thoughts on “Pain in the SAS”

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  2. hi!
    I have been working in SAS and am interested making models in SAS EM. Could you please tell me how you started from scratch in learning SAS EM.
    Thanks 🙂

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