The TOEFL given

I gave the TOEFL today. Got a range of 240 – 297 😀 . That was really unexpected and extremely good considering I started studing for it yesterday evening. Sadly I made one mistake in the Reading section 🙁

Only careful attention had to be paid to the Listening section, though I finished it with plenty of time to spare. The Structure section was a breeze, while the reading section did take a lot of time, which again is not a problem as you are given ample amount of time for these. Got a simple essay, whose topic I will not disclose (remember we had to sign a CBT Confidentiality statement).

Got the Microwaves and Optical Communication test tommorrow at 2.00 pm, for which I have yet to begin studing. God Bless ME!!

My friends spoke to the DCOMM pracs professor and she has given me permission to get the journal corrected by next week, which I will definitely be able to do.

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