Yesterday – A Productive day

Yesterday being Holi, I spent the entire day at home.

And most of this was in front of my computer.

In the morning I put up the gallery for Melody‘s sister’s website. Then worked a bit on my blog (you can see a slightly changed look) before completing (for now) the Yashmun Enginneers website.

Also wrote the highly hit upon A Picture Guide to securing your WordPress 1.5.x Blog.

The evening was pretty much spent on getting a contact form ready for Yashmun. Finally settled on one, but had to majorly hack it to make it XHTML compliant and to function as desired.
Am still not done and I guess by the time I am done with it, it won’t remain anything like the original. Or maybe I should do as I always planned to and design a contact form in PHP from scratch.

What do you think? What would you look for in a contact form?

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  1. because its a business website, may be ‘phone’ and ‘how did you hear about us’ are also required.

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