Better Search v2.2.0

I have released Better Search v2.2.0 which brings a new settings interface based on the Settings API. You can read the complete details of the release on the WebberZone blog.

Better Search v2.2 Settings API

Better Search v2.2 Settings API

Detailed changelog in Better Search v2.2.0

  • Features:
    • New option to exclude password protected posts from the results
    • New option to exclude post/page or custom post type IDs from the results
  • Enhancements:
    • Admin interface now uses the Settings API – Please double check your settings. You can delete the old settings using the Tools sub-menu
    • New shortcode bsearch_form to display the Better Search custom search form
    • Use template_include instead of template_redirect
    • Seamless mode now uses Better Search queries directly instead of passing post IDs
  • Deprecated:
    • $bsearch_url, bsearch_default_options(), bsearch_read_options(), bsearch_clause_prepare()

Download Better Search

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    1. I can’t trace that problem as it works across my sites (including here) – I checked your site and can see results. Is the plugin disabled?

      Can you create a post in the support forum

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