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    Defragmenting Sunday

    As is normal of my internet connection, early Sunday morning the net went down. Decided to grab the opportunity to do what is much needed for computer health but I have neglected for a long time viz. defragmenting my harddrives. Got down to doing that yesterday. Used SpeeDefrag to perform the defragmentation. It’s taken me more than 24 hours to format two 120Gb partitions and two 30Gb partitions! Need to ensure I defragment more often 🙂

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    The Big Crash

    Seems like one crash followed the other. My computer had started to give major problems since last week. These problems just seemed to spike about the weekend. Managed through the weekend until the big crash took place early Monday morning. I wasn’t able to boot into Windows at all. Did the next best thing and booted into Recovery Console and rank chkdsk. Had to leave the unit like this when I went over to a friends place to finish off application form work. All done but one. chkdsk usually solves the problem and it seemed like it had done so this time as well but Windows refused to start. Had…

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    Security Patch Released for Simple Machines

    Simple Machines has just released a security patch for SMF. This release addresses a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the search function. The fix for the 1.0.x has been released as 1.0.9. The version number of 1.1RC3 has remained as is, but you need to download and update your SMF installation ASAP! Just last week my forum was hacked. I’m not sure if this is the reason, but having your software vulnerable XSS is a sure shot way to getting hacked. Read the complete release notification or download the latest version. Direct Download: Download the files below (you may need to be registered to the forum) and replace the files in…

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    My Mail is now hosted with Google

    After having thought about it a while I’ve decided to use Google Apps for Your Domain for AjayDSouza.com. I have already been using Google Apps to manage WebberZone email for a while now, and now AjayDSouza.com 🙂 What this means is now I have a 2Gb Email account, which has all the features of Gmail (which IMO is second only to Yahoo! Mail). This is very useful because I can take a considerable load of my VPS. I have also found that Gmail’s anti-spam tools are a lot better than SpamAssassin. I also have complete POP and SMTP access if I need to download any email. I can also use…

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    Bad Behavior vs. Exatt

    The latest version of Bad Behavior i.e. 2.0.6 includes a new check where it looks up various blacklists. A new blocking method using realtime blackhole lists is being used to determine if a post originates from a known spam source, open proxy, etc. GET requests are not screened. Links are provided to blackhole list removal procedures through the fix it yourself link. And my “darling” ISP Exatt has all its IPs blacklisted across most of these blacklists. A direct consequence is that I get blocked out of commenting on my own blog. I had to switch back to 2.0.5. Unfortunately, I am blocked out from commenting of a good number…

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    How fast do you type?

    Do you know how fast you type? You can find out now at TypingTest.com. I took their online typing test and these are my results: Test Name: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ Date: 2006-10-25 22:14 Test Time: 03:00 Gross Speed: 72 WPM Errors: 3 Accuracy: 98% NET SPEED: 71 WPM TypingTest.com also has software and games to help you improve your typing speed. So what did you score?

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    Got a Google Account? Join Orkut!

    From the very beginning Orkut has been invitation based. Inspite of that the number of users has increased tremendously and today it is one of the most popular Social Networking sites. I remember one and half year ago there were no Firefox Extensions for Orkut except for the Orkut oolbar and when I searched the other day, there are a good number. I got hold of Orkut Scrapper recently. Anyway, back on topic, Google has finally opened up Orkut Subscription for all users. This means you no longer need to wait for an invite to get an account. If you already have a Google Account, which is free to get,…

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    Armed with the N73

    It was coming, coming and it finally has 🙂 I am now a proud owner of the Nokia N73. Had been debating between the N80 and the N73 for a while now. I was inclined towards the N80 at first, but the N73 seemed a much better choice. And I am glad I picked this one up. I’m stunned at the sleek look and the ease of use of the phone. The 3.2MegaPixel camera is simply fantastic! For smaller occasions I won’t even need to carry my Olympus or my Handcam anymore! Already got click happy when I went for the party today. More details about that in another post.…

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