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Connections Reloaded 2.0 Roadmap

Have been meaning to post a roadmap for Connections Reloaded 2.0 for a while so here it is:

For those unaware, Connections Reloaded is my theme for WordPress 1.5.x onwards.

Connections Reloaded has come a long way from when I decided to shift from Spirit to Connections and I found Connections fabulous looking but wanting with respect to functionality.

Then came a slow but steady learning of how to design WordPress themes.

I released Connections Reloaded on 16 June 2005 and it has crossed 1000 downloads (tracked from 4th July 2005). It currently stands on v1.2.1.

So what’s next?

I have begun development on Connections Reloaded 2.0. Progess is a bit slow mainly because I am hard pressed for time, but below are a few of the changes / additions I am planning.

This is something I didn’t think much about until Stefano suggested I make the theme internationalized.

This seemed like a really good idea, so have put it at the top of the agenda for Connections Reloaded. Well I am also aware of this being a really painful job, I will need to dedicate a good amount of time for it!

Seperate Trackbacks and Pingbacks from Comments
I have already implemented this here on this blog. Will incorporate this with improvements in the theme.

Support for plugins
I am incorporating code for various plugins. These are a few I am contemplating:

If you have any suggestions for other plugins please do post below.

Better documentation
The current page has a good deal of information, however I plan on writing detailed documentation for the theme including explanations for the files etc.

Header Image
Currently if you want to change the header and yet maintain the top menu perfectly is a bit of an effort. Am thinking of smoothening this process by either splitting the header or releasing a .psd file for the same.
This is on a lower priority.

Support for WordPress 1.6
Though this theme is working pretty well with WordPress 1.6 already. However, with many new changes planned, I will need to ensure that the theme works perfectly with it.

Different Flavours
Have three flavours in mind. Currently Connectios Reloaded is available with the right sidebar. v2 will also have the left sidebar (easy to do) and also in 3-column (tedious).

Well that is it for now. Will add to this post when I think of something new.

As usual, please do keep your suggestions, comments coming.

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