Saturday Working?

There are quite a few rumours going around at work about we now having a six-day week as opposed to the current five-day week.

We may have reduced work timing during the five days and a half day on Saturday. Am not too happy as travelling to this place itself will ensure that I lose almost whole of Saturday.

Well, nothing is confirmed right now, so it is wait and watch…

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  1. there shud b an option if they want to do it. i travelled to new bombay for 4 years for my engg college. Used to make it a point to fit everything in 1 trip, its impossible to travel back and god knows how many times i must have cursed myself while making the single way 2 hour trip just to submit an assignment on time. Learnt my lesson and used to plan everything out beforehand. Should b closer from ur place since u r in the East. But it still sucks, make sure u oppose it , we cudnt stand less updates on the blog now 😉

  2. PDK is our GM.

    As for the six-day week, for one I will be able to reach home around 6.45pm which means I can make it to church for the 7pm mass everyday which I haven’t been able to do so far.

    Secondly Saturday will be half way, which means I can directly go out and meet Madam C.

    Don’t you agree there is a brighter side to a six-day week?

  3. Lol, wasn’t proving anything. Was just looking on the brighter side of things, and when I made this post, I hadn’t thought of the brighter side 😉

    Anyways, PDK said we won’t be working on Saturdays.

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