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Movie review: I Am Number Four

Here’s a movie with an excellent concept but is let down by terrible acting and an equally bad story line. John, a.k.a. Number Four is a an above average teenager who is infact an alien from a planet far far away taking refuge on earth, running from town to town, hiding from more evil aliens who want him and eight others dead. They have got Number One, Two and Three and now it is his turn.

I am Number Four

While the concept isn’t very original (we do have Transformers, don’t we?). However, the concept of 9 does lend a unique touch. Throw in a relatively cute girl and a relatively hot, gun bearing Number Six and you have a movie that that is watchable.

The question to be asked is: Are we going to have a sequel to this one?

Rating: 5/10

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  • Slippersnet

    IMDb rates a 6.4 over 3,031 votes, so that’s pretty good. I saw the trailer and found it definitely interesting. Not the baddest actors aswell (especially Timothy Olyphant), allthough the main actor Alex Pettyfer is a bit unknown..

  • Bancuri

    It has been interesting, I give you that, but the ads I’ve seen all over the place raised my expectations a bit too much. It isn’t the first movie to do that, though.

  • Geektual

    The movie was…meh. They just tried to refresh a Superman alike history with some dude from another planet who have power but has to hide it.

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