Which Pic Do You Pick?

Took a new photograph of me because the negative of the old one seems a bit damaged.

However, both developed well and now the option is out to you.

Comment and tell me which of the two you prefer. There is no third option, so those ready to say neither… well, I can’t stop you from saying it 😉

Additionally, do tell me why you chose that particular pick. How about a label for them?

Is it:

Old Photo

Old Photo

or is it

New Photo

New Photo

Waiting for your comments…

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  1. I know I am going against the grain here – but I preffer the new one.

    By the way, how often do you change your blog’s design?

  2. hmmmm..i would choose the \”old photo\”..its more pleasant then the latter one..

  3. @Luna, the old one must be atleast 3 years old if not more.

    @Binny, I don’t change the design to often, but I had to get rid of the header, it looked horrible!

  4. I like the old one too. Your smile was better in that one, and the new one has a shadow to the left of your face. But other than that, the two look equally good. I like the red background!

  5. you look a bit scary in the new photo, plus you need a haircut 😉

    Definitely the old one

  6. I am diggin’ the new photo – you look a bit more professional

  7. the smile is the one that adds the zing..!! 🙂 as such ur look hasnt changed at all in 3 years..!! 😉

  8. I agree – snap the photo again in a white shirt WITH a smile *grins* Then you will have the ULTIMATE PHOTO.

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