10 Days Gone By

The last ten days have seen four FCQs and the results of my Micro Economics FCQ. Got a 7 on 10 which was so surprising that I rechecked my results.
As for the new FCQs, we got Research Methodology hit us like a bag of bricks. Passing is now questionable. The others shouldn’t be a problem I guess. Am also waiting for my Spanish results, this should come in tomorrow.

Lectures were normal, actually, they were a lot more hectic than before with even more hours. OSHE (Occupational Safety, Health and Environment) lectures are a pain, infact its eight hours of weekly crap.

But, didn’t we ask for a “holistic development”?

Haven’t been keeping too good this last week, with cold troubling me, possibly due to less sleep and not so great eating habits (??). However, still went out last night with seven others to celebrate Sneha having graduated. The place is a popular “hangout” of many SCMHRD students. Food was good, sunk my teeth into good juicy chicken after a long time.

They provide drops to and from the college as well … doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why, now does it?

We also have Freshers coming up on 2nd of August and as part of the process, the juniors ask the seniors out. Got Clinton to find me someone and he did just that. Now, we shall wait for the 2nd to see exactly what happens.

And, as is become my custom style of ending my posts… until next time.

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  1. Can’t help laughing when saw you mention OSHE. Totally understand how it feels and what it looks like… Similar stuff might include Morality in Business (but if conducted in a more creative manner, this could be another story).

    Good luck!

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