I’ve got two reports of problems with Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin when you try to edit a post (new posts seem to work fine) with the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress on the MAC OS X platform using Firefox or Safari.

I’ve also had two other reports but they have not confirmed the platform.

I am not in the position to test the same as I don’t have access to a MAC. But, from my understanding of the problem, I think it to be a problem with the Post Preview that gets loaded when you are editting the post. For some reason the loading of the JavaScript is clashing with the WYSIWYG editor.

I have three workarounds in mind for now:

  1. Use Clutter Free to disable the preview.
  2. Disable the plugin while making a post… too much hassle
  3. Disable the WYSIWYG editor, which I personally have done.

Another way to confirm if this is plugin related or javascript related would be to use the code that is generated (View Source of the page and find the code to the bottom) and put that code in the footer.php of your template just before the </body>.
Then try to edit the post and see if the WYSIWYG loads.

If any user does try out any of the above suggestions, please do report your findings to me by either commenting below or making a post in the support forum.

I’d really appreciate any such testing so that I can get this rectified (if possible) immediately.

Please state the following when you test it:

  1. WordPress version
  2. OS X version. If you are testing on Windows then which version
  3. Browser and Version
  4. Do you have the preview screen enabled / disabled?


Update: I have had confirmed reports from a user and it seem to be a problem with the Snap Javascript interfering with the Preview window. This is independent of whether you use the plugin or not.

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