Add to Feed WordPress Plugin updated to v1.1

I have updated my plugin Add to Feed. Add to Feed is a simple feed enhancement plugin that allows you to add custom text or HTML to posts in your WordPress blog feed.

You can add text before the content and/or after the content as well as a copyright message. All these can be customized.

As per user requests, I’ve added another feature to the plugin. The plugin now displays a link to the post in the feed. Henceforth, if someone scrapes your feed, then atleast you will get a link back. It will also help you track down any offenders because you would most likely get a pingback / trackback to the blog post.

It displays the text in the format:

Add to Feed was first posted on November 30, 2008 at 8:24 pm.

Another feature is the implementation of the new WordPress 2.7 Plugin Uninstall Method. Now, if you delete the plugin from your WordPress administration area, then will delete all the options from the database.

Lastly, it displays a horizontal line before adding the text after the content.

Existing users can upgrade their plugin from within the WordPress admin area.

Read more about Add to Feed or directly download the plugin from the Plugin Repository.

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